These are the teachers at Let It Be Yoga. They have certifications ranging from hatha, vinyasa, rocket. We are not a hot yoga studio. We aim be accessible for beginners as well as to offer a place to deepen an existing practice. 

—  Teachers  —

"A teacher holds your hand, opens your mind, and touches your heart."




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I love yoga, and all I want to do is spread the message that we all #fit yoga. Our emails for the studio are team-member@LIBY.fit. Fit means many things. The first that comes to mind for most people is to be actively fit. After that what comes to mind for me is that everyone has a place to FIT INTO community. We are all important. We all have a place. The third is that yoga fits into EVERY body, every life. The forth is that we do not have to FIT the societal mold. I sure don't. I am a 27 year old female from NJ with a masters of Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science. I have not fit in many worlds, but I FIT in yoga, and so do you. The fifth is that yoga can FIT anywhere into your schedule especially with the help of tech. Sixth,  your practice gets to FIT where-ever you are in your body TODAY, not yesterday, not even tomorrow. Warrior 2, standing in the present. The seventh (not a coincidence that there are seven chakras) is that we are all compassionate, loving beings who fit as one.


—  Kristin Schutz—


Kristin is primarily certified under Shambavanda at Shoshoni Yoga Ashram in Colorado. Kristin has been trained in Hatha Yoga, Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Educational Psychology. The mix of these worlds has created a holistic practice that is an important balance in the way Kristin teaches her classes. Kristin has been practicing yoga from childhood and feels very lucky to have had such wonderful teachers who all held the importance of meditation, breath, and movement to complete the practice. Kristin teaches a challenging yet approachable class to all levels (including children). 

Fun Fact: Kristin enjoys hiking in the dark. 

—  Josie Masri  —



Josie originally certified in Power Vinyasa has adopted, with further study, a unique Vinyasa flow style. Her class is a balance of vigorous exercise and restorative practice. With a goal of linking the practitioners breath to their movements, her student grow physically, learn breath exercises, improve the mind-body connection, awaken their focus and relax.  


Fun Fact: Josie is teaching herself the art of Calligraphy!

Erin Burks


Hi! My name is Erin, and I hail from Roanoke VA. My yogic journey began in late 2009 during a stressful time in my life. I began using exercise to sharpen my focus and found yoga gave me the most benefit both physically and mentally. My practice was cultivated by my yoga instructors back home and in Richmond, where I completed my training and certification in April 2014. My approach to yoga is therapeutic – I believe that regular practice can heal the body and mind of temporary and chronic issues. I believe a slow, controlled practice gives us all a chance to reconnect with ourselves, and it is a great antidote to the hectic pace of the daily routine. I enjoy offering classes for those new to yoga and those recovering from illness or injury, because I feel that truly everyone can benefit from Hatha Yoga by finding their own particular way to practice. I hope to see you on the mat soon! 

Fun Fact: I have a 21 year old cat named Tom. He and I have been inseparable since he chose me during my visit to a no-kill shelter when he was 2.



—  Kauri Dynes  —



Kauri is certified under Rocket Yoga which differs a bit from Hatha, however, Kauri creates a beautiful blend of the disciplines in her playful sequence. She is able to maintain a bit of carefree energy mixed with challenge as she takes you through the practice. She offers a strong emphasis on moving with joy that allows for the class to be a bit more joyful.

Fun Fact: Kauri founded UVa's Yoga Club! 

"I get by with a little help from my friends..."


—  Rose TAYLOR —


Rose was very much born into yoga having taken her first breaths in Yogaville close to Charlottesville, in Buckingham Virginia. She had the opportunity to  grow up learning a complete yogic lifestyle alongside her family. Rose offers a gentle voice, touch, and presence to her Hatha yoga classes. She went back to Yogaville to gain her 200 hour certification once again immersing herself into ashram life. She continues to spread the light and joy of her practice in her lovely sequencing that offer growth and transformation. 

Fun Fact: Rose has over 30 chickens that she cares for at her home! 

—  Mariah SINDEN —



Mariah has been practicing yoga on and off for about 8 years and began making her practice a central focus of her life when she started her yoga teacher training about 2 years ago. She completed her training in therapeutically-focused hatha yoga at the Glenmore Yoga & Wellness Center in Richmond, VA in March and is eager to develop her own unique teaching style at Let it Be Yoga. Ultimately she wishes to incorporate her knowledge of yogic practices into yoga therapy after completing her master’s program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 


Fun Fact: Mariah is working towards becoming a skillful hula hooper!