Gift Cards

Gift cards


Gift Cards

Give the gift of light! Let It Be Yoga is so excited that you are considering giving such a wonderful gift to someone you care for!



When you click the link you will be navigated to a different window in MINDBODY for purchase.


We learn so much in yoga, and most of what is most important is SELF LOVE! 




Love is a bird, love is a train, love is a rock, and love is a pillow. It feels fleeting, fast, yet stabilizing and comforting. Love is that feeling I get when I can see my soul. Love is that acceptance of me, and all that I am. Love is what makes it easy to wash the dishes and to fold the laundry. Love is the reason we exist. Love is when we hug and our hearts express all that we are to one another without a single word. Love is the best part of you and the best part of me. Love is the Namaste we show one another.


In this world of chaos and confusion love saves us. Love is all you need. Love is all around us everyday in every moment. Love the people in your life because they deserve love and you deserve to show love. The unity between the two is the beauty. One sided and selfish obsession of control is not love. Love is free. If you love someone or something let it go. It might just fly right alongside you, and hold your hand on the way to the sun.


Everyone deserves to be free.


Everyone deserves to be heard.


Everyone deserves to have their own unique, and beautifully messed up journey.


My heart is full, and that fills life with much beauty.