About Let It Be Yoga 




Nominate Let It Be Yoga for best of Cville. I had to be told about this by a dear friend, and I am so grateful for the beautiful community continuing to grow, and challenge their bodies inside and out. LET IT GROW CVILLE! Play. Gather. Flourish.






At Let It Be Yoga we practice Hatha Yoga. This slow series of postures digs deeply into the muscle for lasting transformation and growth. The pace allows for a conscious attention on mindfulness and breath work. This allows you to gain mind AND body benefits from the practice.


Let It Be Yoga modifies to your body type and ability level. Small class sizes allow for support and individual attention to be sure you are well aligned and practicing safely and effectively.


Our variety of yoga classes are sensitive to your schedule.


Wake up well at 7:30am energizing classes. This series of postures will wake up your body and your mind. 


Get your yoga in EVERYDAY! We offer 45 minute lunchtime classes to stay fresh and positive all day long.


Monday evenings unwind with candlelit yoga at 7:30


Looking unwind with your whole family? Check out family yoga on Sundays at noon. Kids are just $10. All ages are welcome.


Do you work in a restaurant? Check out Restaurant Warriors designed for you Mondays at 2:30.


Register and find full class schedules on letitbeyoga.co 




Every person is a piece of art each one different, but beautiful in their own right. This follows through into the practice of yoga. What is so incredible about this practice is that we all start from a place of struggle in strengthening the body. There is no square one. There is no end goal. Each person is able to begin yoga wherever we happen to be. You may have been injured recently, or sick. You may not have exercised in a month or a few years. You may have not noticed your breath since you were a child. Wherever you may be in life, you can practice yoga to develop into whatever your body craves. Yoga allows you to listen to your body. You do not need to move too quickly, or feel frustrated. Wherever you are is beautiful.

At Let It Be Yoga we truly embrace and care for new yogis like a seedling. You will learn to breathe, strengthen, lift, and grow. As a community we want to include each person, and what they bring to the practice. We will meet you and your needs right where you are. The ancient practice of Hatha yoga Hatha yoga allows you to learn the alignment of the postures BEFORE coming into the flow of yoga. This will let you feel your way into your practice so you can be kind and true to your bodies needs and desires.

             Hatha is translated from ancient Sanskrit to mean “ha” sun and “tha” moon. So why is this a kind of yoga? This is the combination of opposites. We unite the breath (pranayama) and the body movements (asana) to move obstacles from our lives – both physically and mentally. This is a great place to begin the yoga journey.